How to Create a Key Message in 2 Minutes

key messaging

One of the exercises I’ve done in media training workshops is to ask participants to spend two minutes quietly writing down the answer to this question. In five words or less, what is the meaning of life?

Typically, it doesn’t take long for participants to get started, and in less than two minutes, most can tell you clearly and unequivocally what life is all about to them.


Because chances are they’ve spent their entire lives until this point thinking about the question. They’ve prioritized, lived, made mistakes and did some things right. They’ve sacrificed, lost and succeeded.

By now, they have strong feelings about the meaning of life. So, in less than five words, they can tell you what life is all about.

That’s a key message, and that’s how key messages are created. It is well-thought out, it is rooted in direct experience, even if it’s for an organization, it’s rooted in the experience and values of that organization. It’s from the heart, it’s honest, sincere and candid.  But most of all, it’s to the point.

Give it a shot. Sit down and in five words or less, say what the meaning of life is to you. After you do this, I really want to hear all about it. Get in touch.

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