Media Relations: Tell Us What We Don’t Know

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As a blogger, a contributor to business and trade media, and as a podcaster, I get my share of pitches from fellow PR professionals. One of the things I notice quite often is how the pitches usually center on assumptions, ‘revelations,’ or other news hooks that are all about things we already know.

A new study finds that consumers avoid higher prices and go for discounts. An expert is touted as knowing the secret behind health and wellness. Hint: It has everything to do with diet and exercise.  Or, in the communications arena, more experts can comment on how out-of-the-box thinking is so important to creativity.

Do Ya Think?

My instinctive reaction to most of the pitches is, “Do ya think?”

Here’s a tip. If you want your media pitch to stand out, tell the journalist something he or she does not already know. Don’t confirm what their common sense is already telling them. Make sure your pitch is fresh and about something new.

I have to admit, it feels kind of funny writing this blog post because this really has been conventional wisdom in PR forever.  In other words, I’m telling you something you may already know and you should already know. But based on my experience these past few years, far too many public relations professionals either don’t know it, or they just don’t push back with their supervisors or clients who want to pitch a story based on already well-understood common knowledge.

My only advice here is it’s time to start pushing back. You won’t get very far if your media relations pitches only confirm what everyone already knows.

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