Public Relations: Are You Leveraging Your Website’s Blog?

leveraging your blog

Welcome to our blog! We’re glad you’re here, but your being here is no accident.

You were brought here because you saw a social media post, perhaps on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Or, you were using Google or some other search engine to find something and you wound up here. But it’s not that simple.

The reason you’re not somewhere else is because I am creating content on a very frequent basis (3-4 times per week these days), and the subject matter of these blog posts are things that interest you. That’s how the algorithms knew to bring you here.

Yes, I’m using search terms that are popular with people like you and others who care about the public relations, communications, podcasting and business world. I’m even using backlinks that help this post get your attention.

You Wouldn’t be Here If…

Now, you wouldn’t be here if I only produced one blog post per month, or even less. You wouldn’t be here if I used my blog to spout off on topics that aren’t directly tied to things that interest you.

So, that leads me to this question: Are you leveraging your website’s blog?

Even if you’re posting, are the posts personal rants on topics that only matter to you? Are you writing autobiographical essays that are more about you than your reader? Are you using your blog as a sort of online therapy? Or worse, when you go to your website’s blog, is the last post from 2021?

If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions, you’re not leveraging your blog.

Why Post to Your Blog

There are many reasons to keep your blog fresh, but tops among them is to keep your website higher up in search results. The more you post to your blog, search engines pick up on the signal that you’re doing just that. They are more likely to send traffic your way than they would if you post less often.

If the blog posts are on point and on strategy, the search engines are more likely to send the right kind of traffic to your blog.  If your posts are aimless and non-strategic, you’re less likely to get the kind of traffic you want.

And of course, if the posts are of some value to your readers, they are more likely to share on social media and through other means. Meanwhile, your blog provides you with a steady flow of fresh content for your organization’s own social media efforts. It’s a hub.

But none of these things can happen without discipline and a commitment to a regular schedule of posts. You have to make your blog a priority. The good thing is, you already own it. It costs you nothing extra to use except the valuable time you spend leveraging it.

Do you have any questions about how to leverage your blog? Get in touch. I’d love to talk.

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