Media Relations: What to Do When There is Nothing to Pitch

news droughts

A lot of media relations programs stagnate when the organization has nothing new to talk about. PR teams sit and wait for something to happen so that they can create a news release or a news alert. They wait for the organization’s management or the client to tell them something new is happening or about to happen within the organization. Worse, they wait for a reporter to call.

This inward focus is the problem. Unless you are part of a huge organization where major happenings affect thousands, or even millions, daily, you’re going to face ‘news droughts.’

That’s why it’s so important to have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening outside of the organization. Be proactive. What’s happening in the marketplace, among competitors, in Washington, industry and end-user trends. Know what people are concerned about now. Be aware of seasonal issues. This is just a start.

The point is, if you are plugged into everything that is happening around the organization, factors that can influence the organization, and issues where the organization itself can have influence, you can make sure your organization is a part of the story. You can insert your organization into the larger conversation in the media.

This is the daily job of a good public relations and media relations pro.

Do you want to brainstorm some media relations ideas? Let me know.

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