No Excuses: Overcoming Challenges at Work & In Life

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When the neurologist told Tim that he didn’t know what was causing the weakness in Tim’s legs, and there was nothing they could do, the news was devastating. And the doctor said it could get worse, much worse. No surgery, no pills, nothing could make a difference. Just a pair of braces and a cane.

Tim asked the doctor, “What do you recommend I do now?”

“Cope,” the doctor said. “Cope.”

This was something Tim never expected to hear at the age of 42, but he quickly realized he had a decision to make. Fold up, or move on and work with it. The fact that he’s still running a successful corporate communications business 15 years later should tell you what you need to know about his response. His mantra from that day forward? “No excuses.”

Obstacles are about change and how we deal with it. Sometimes events happen beyond our control, so we must focus on what we can control. Long before this fateful meeting with a doctor, Tim had become an accomplished crisis communications specialist. He drew upon this and other life experiences to adopt a re-energized “no excuses” approach to work and life.

He knew that in business and in life, no one gets any breaks. You have to find a way. At the same time, it’s equally important to come to terms with your own limitations, know when to ask for help or when something is just not a good fit. This program is designed to help audience members embrace a “no excuses” approach to work and life.

Learning Objectives:

• Adopt a “no excuses” perspective to the challenges we face in our work
• Learn the benefits and freedom one experiences once we take personal accountability for our destiny
• Identify barriers to our goals and find creative ways to work around them
• Find those hidden opportunities
• Embrace a positive attitude


Tim O’Brien is an accredited communications strategist and consultant, advising clients from Fortune 100 companies to associations, start-ups and nonprofits. He’s a 30-plus year communications veteran.

He formed O’Brien Communications in 2001, a Pittsburgh PR firm, after serving as Communications Director and the Chief Investor Relations Officer a telecom company. Before that, Tim was a Vice President at a global PR firm, where he was a leader in its crisis communications practice area.

In 2017, listed his firm as one of the 14 “Best PR Firms in Pittsburgh,” and later in the year, the national PRSA’s Independent Practitioner Alliance named Tim the recipient of its first “Indie Award,” which recognizes outstanding leadership and contributions to the nation’s independent practitioner community in the public relations field.

He is a frequent author of columns and articles in public relations, communications and business publications. He has presented at professional and trade functions, including the American Bar Association’s Continuing Legal Education programs, and at graduate and undergraduate programs at institutions including: Carnegie Mellon University, Duquesne University, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania State University, Chatham University and at other colleges and universities.

He contributed to the PR News Crisis Management Guidebook, the PR News Employee Communications Guidebook, and he was featured in Harvard Business School Press’s The Essentials of Corporate Communications and Public Relations. His work has been recognized in several competitions, including the PRSA Renaissance Awards, the Association of Business Communicators and the Dalton Pen Communications Award Program for Excellence in Annual Reports, the NFPW Communications Awards, the International Academy of the Visual Arts’ Communicator Awards, and the Pennsylvania Press Club.

Categories: Accountability; Attitude; Change; Motivation; Coaching; Disability Inclusion.

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