O’Brien Communications has worked for clients from Fortune 100 corporations to small businesses.  Their needs have been as diverse as the clients themselves, sometimes requiring marketing communications and media relations or writing services, while at other times the needs have been situation-specific to crises, issues management, or internal communications matters.  Because of the proprietary nature of our relationship with clients, specific names are not included here.  Instead, listed are sectors represented by clients.

  • Water treatment
  • Law firmsshutterstock_5034154 - 18 wheelers reduced
  • Education/Charter schools/Private schools
  • Financial services
  • Environmental and Energy
  • Human Resources/Benefits
  • Manufacturing/Advanced manufacturing
  • Metals
  • Wealth management
  • Transportation
  • Life sciences
  • Financial advisory
  • Accountingshutterstock_285737615 - high tech 424
  • Telecommunications
  • Advanced technology
  • Economic development
  • Trade associations
  • Professional athletics
  • Architecture
  • Museums
  • Real estate
  • Food processing
  • Chemical
  • Retail
  • Non-profit

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