Experience is not just a tally of years worked. It’s not a list of tasks completed.

It’s about what you’ve learned along the way and how you’ve applied those lessons in subsequent assignments for even better outcomes. It’s about constantly developing and evolving with the world around us, and sometimes working to lead that evolution.

Experience is mastering the art of learning and applying new strategies, practices and technologies, along with proven approaches. It’s about knowing what to expect because you’ve been there before and you know how it played out, what could be the same, and what could change this time around. It’s about knowing there will be challenges, and where to look for them, and being prepared to meet them.

Experience is about embracing change time and again, and approaching each new turn with an even keel and a steady hand.   The best experience is knowing how to get results and having a full understanding of the timeless requirements for achieving objectives.  O’Brien Communications’ clients benefit from an experienced PR pro with over 30 years’ experience that includes broadcasting, advertising, public relations, corporate communications, workplace communications, investor relations, crisis communications, issues management, and more.

Think of it this way, experience does not come with the passage of time, it’s the hard-won lessons and understanding that comes with constant practice. Lear more about our public relations experience.