It’s been on your list of things to do for a while now, but you just can’t get started.

Then it happens. Your rival starts its own podcast. And it’s good.

The pressure is on. Now your people are knocking (banging?) on your door to get this thing started.

So, I have a question, why wait?

But before you start down the podcasting path, you have some things to work out.  First, you know what you don’t know, and it’s a lot.

What will you say? Can the organization commit? How can you fit this into everything else you have to do?

I’ve got some good news. I’ve been there and decided to tackle podcasting for my own firm, and since then I have helped clients launch their own podcasts, themselves.

Since I’ve made the transition from being an avid podcast listener to being a podcaster myself and now a podcasting consultant, I’ve learned a lot, but the big thing I learned is that podcasting is unlike any other media format, even radio!

That’s not to say it’s unfamiliar!

As a podcaster, I’ve tapped all of the experiences I’ve had, from the time I started my career in radio and television, to decades working across all media in the communications field, and now as a podcaster with over 100 episodes under my belt.

I learned a lot of things the right way, and a few things the wrong way, and some things are just learned from experience.

I’ve already saved you the trouble.

You can benefit from everything I’ve learned and experienced so far, so that you can get on the fast track to podcasting your brand in ways you haven’t yet imagined.

Maybe your organization wants to add customers, bolster its relationship with existing customers, or burnish its reputation among thought leaders as a thought leader. Maybe you have some other stakeholders that need more attention. Employees, investors, partners, members.

Your podcast is media you own, media you control, but it’s a vibrant and intimate form of media. It’s a way to connect with your most important stakeholders in ways nothing else can do.

And it doesn’t have to be expensive or a time suck.

Here is what I can tell you…

I’m ready to help you create and launch a branded podcast that the people most important to your organization will look forward to hearing. I’m ready to help your organization find its voice in a way it has never done before. I’m ready to help you take the lead through it all.

That’s why I’ve developed a program to provide people just like you with quick-start consulting services for creating your own branded podcast.

Here are your options:

Icebreaker Call
30 Minutes – $150.

Planning Teleconference
60 Minutes – $300.

Check-in Sessions
30 Minutes – $75 each.

In addition to the calls themselves, you’ll receive hand-outs, tip sheets and other information to make your podcasting journey go more smoothly. Click here to get started!

O’Brien Communications’ Shaping Opinion Podcast is About People, Events and Things that have Shaped the Way We Think.

In 2019, O’Brien Communications’ Shaping Opinion is a podcast was recognized by the Public Relations Society of America’s Bronze Anvil Awards program in the branded podcasts category. The podcast is about people, events and things that have shaped the way we think. Each episode focuses on one story, featuring a conversation between producer and host Tim O’Brien and a guest.

Stories range from sports to entertainment, science to business, everyday life to government. We look at how events unfolded, who was impacted, and how we may see things differently as a result.

Each episode takes the listener back to the moment of change, where decisions were made, something happened, or something was said that shaped opinion.

Listen via your favorite podcast feeds, from iTunes and Spotify, to Google Podcasts, Amazon and Pandora, to name a few. Or you can just click on  Shaping Opinion.