Next Level Media Training

media training

If you’re responsible for communications and media relations at your organization, chances are good you know a subject matter expert (SMEs) who could use some media coaching, yet it doesn’t seem like it ever happens the way you’d like due to time limitations, scheduling hurdles, and the hassle associated with arranging all the logistics.

Thanks to the increasing opportunities for visibility, more and more people in every organization are starting to play the role of external spokesperson as SMEs.  But given all of the changing priorities at your organization, media coaching may be done on the fly, if at all.

That’s why we created a comprehensive, immersive Next Level Media Training Program that can be conducted in-person where you are, or remotely.

Each coaching session is different because the dynamics change from one session to the next, yet the lessons are consistent.  Participants actually participate.  Components of the workshops feature discussion, Q&A, role-plays and other interactive exercises.  One of the best parts of each workshop is that the participant will usually be involved with at least two role-play exercises to gauge progress immediately.  These immersion training exercises and the chance to analyze their performances in a private, low-risk atmosphere represents a source of some of the most positive feedback we receive.

While each session is customized to the needs of individual participants, there are four chapters in the progression, starting with interview preparation and proceeding through crisis communications call

Confidence Builder: How to Prepare for an Interview

Understanding the current media landscape, how the media works and what it seeks to achieve. How to prepare for the interview every time. The ground rules, basic preparation.

Controlling the Message: Influencing the Story

Developing key messages.  Packaging your presentation, incorporating your key messages, interviewing techniques, telling your story.

The Interviewing Edge

Techniques and customized role-plays for non-crisis media interviews.  Using facts, emotions, common bonds and other connections to tell your story.

The Path to the Next Level: Unflappable

Techniques and more intensified role plays centered on dealing with confrontational reporters and crisis situations.  Using facts, emotions, common bonds and other connections to tell your story.    

How it Works

Once a client has decided to move forward with a Next Level Media Training Workshop, we will develop a brief proposal based on the initial discussion with the client as to specific interests, challenges and needs.  While proposals incorporate client input, they are also very consistent to ensure continuity of quality from one participant to the next.

From there we will work to determine a time for scheduling the workshop.  Because of the technological platform and turnkey nature of the process, turnaround for scheduling and implementing workshops can be relatively easy and convenient.  Ready to get started? Let us know.