Next Level Podcasting

next level podcasting

Here’s our process. First, we need to get to know you, your goals, your expectations, what you want to achieve through podcasting. Next, we determine what you already know and what you need to know. Then, we map out a plan to build on your strengths, and strengthen those areas that need improvement. All of our instruction is supplemented with tip sheets, checklists and other materials as appropriate.

It starts with a free, 15-minute consultation to help you determine if this is right for you. If it is, we customize the process to your needs which may include some combination of the following:

Initial 60-Minute Strategy and Planning Session

Map out goals, objectives, strategies, define your targeted audiences/avatar, assess your podcast’s name and positioning, your technical resources and capabilities, your podcast’s format at structure, your workflows, the current sound design and the desired sound design.

90-minute Masterclass (New and Experienced Podcasters)

In this classroom-style workshop, with allowances for discussion and Q&A, we go over everything from technical resources and gear, format for your podcast, structure, length, host(s), show names, recording, production, distribution and promotion.

Weekly One-on-One Coaching Sessions (4 weeks minimum)

Weekly 30-minute coaching sessions to revisit your plans, your progress and address any questions you may have or challenges you may be call

Host Coaching

In this 60-minute session, we conduct some class-room style instruction, along with role-playing with you to help you become a better podcast presenter or interviewer.

Podcast Performance Assessment

We take a deep dive into your podcast, analyzing past a sampling of recent episodes according to a list of categories that include: technical quality, sound quality, host performance, guest performance, length, format, messaging and content, focus, and effectiveness against production strategy. We may request certain data that includes analytics that could reveal important audience trends. Once we’ve conducted our analysis, we prepare a written report with recommendations for improvement.

Situational Coaching

Do you have a big interview coming up, a live show, or a special series and want a refresher? We can work with you to prepare for specific situations.

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A Word About Audience Growth, Podcast Promotion and Monetization

Chances are over the course of our work together we will talk about audience growth, podcast promotion, and as appropriate, monetization. That said, the focus of our work together is to help you become a better podcaster and help you create a better podcast. Too many podcast coaches focus on audience growth, promotion and monetization without ever addressing whether their clients’ podcasts are actually good enough to meet large audience expectations and monetization targets. In short, if you don’t produce a quality podcast, all of the techniques used to grow audiences and monetize podcasts will be ineffective. Our focus is on making you better as the starting point for all else.