Branded & Private Podcasts

One of the first pleasant surprises I realized after launching my own firm’s podcast last year was how long listeners stuck around once they started listening. The average length of an episode of my podcast, Shaping Opinion, is 35 minutes. The average listening time across all listeners is nearly 35 minutes! This means once a podcast listener downloads your show, he or she will probably stick around to the end.

This is as much a testimony to where and when people listen to podcasts as anything. When people are driving or working out, it’s easy to hit play and listen while doing other things. But, the fact that they don’t bounce from one podcast to the next (unlike radio) is what sets podcasts apart.

The E.W. Scripps Co., conducted a survey that found that podcast listeners tend to listen to roughly 90 percent of an episode.

Maybe this is why as podcasting continues to grow, branded podcasts will ride the wave.

The key is to make sure that your branded podcast isn’t a 30- or 60-minute commercial.

For that reason, a good branded or private podcast strikes the right balance between showcasing your brand, engaging employees, engaging members or existing clients, advancing a cause, educating the public or other stakeholders, and possibly selling a product or service, while creating audio content that appeals to the type of people you want to reach.

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