PR Coaching

mediaO’Brien Communications offers some of the same coaching clients receive face-to-face via interactive teleconference platforms. These include:

  • Media interviewing coaching and prep;
  • General communications planning and strategy development;
  • Brand and corporate positioning;
  • Public relations and communications function management;
  • Crisis communications planning and response;
  • Issues management planning and response;
  • Internal communications issues and more…

To learn more or to explain your own challenges, email us using the Contact Form here or at noted in the menu bar.

This would start the process where we can arrange a complimentary 30-minute teleconference to discuss your questions, issues and concerns. This will help us determine appropriate next steps.

There is no obligation before, during or after this initial consultation. The only purpose is to explore the challenges you face.

Based on the teleconference, we can better provide you with a schedule of services, cost-estimates and packages that may be best for you.

You Have Decided You Want to Proceed.  What comes next?

typingI may conduct an interview with you as part of an initial consultation, which could be accompanied by a brief survey form to get started. You would complete the survey on your own time. We would then discuss that survey in a follow-up session.

A schedule of coaching sessions and cost estimates would be provided to be confirmed via email. O’Brien Communications can take payment via PayPal.

Initial Consultation

Once we get started, we will want to discuss your coaching goals and design a custom program to meet your needs.  All coaching is provided via teleconference platforms.

What You Can Expect

  • You drive the process. Your questions, concerns and needs form the focus of coaching sessions.
  • Your engagement, via offline assignments and preparation will make or break the process.
  • The setting of specific goals is key.
  • Calls will be interactive and range from high level to very specific topics and questions.
  • We may change the approach depending on your comfort level and what works.
  • We will likely ask you more questions up front, before offering recommendations or solutions.
  • A typical month of coaching includes two hours of coaching per month. This equates to one 30-minute session each week, three 40-minutes sessions, or two 60-minute sessions. The actual time for each session will be pre-determined by both you and O’Brien.

As mentioned, we can start with a complimentary 30-minute teleconference to discuss your questions, issues and concerns. This is not a free coaching session, but rather, an opportunity for us to learn more about each other and your needs and objectives.

Click here to request your free initial consultation or learn more!