Just a Press Release

laptopLet’s say you don’t need full public relations support but you’d like to let the world know about something big that’s happened to your organization.
You may already have the news release draft in hand, but you’re not sure where to send it or how to target it to the media.
From time to time, some start-ups, small businesses and other organizations call on O’Brien Communications for basic press release support.
O’Brien Communications maintains a full suite of tools for distributing press releases to as broad or narrow a media distribution as required. From national digital newswires, to highly targeted groups of journalists.  We can help you get your press release into the right hands!
Here are the steps:
  1. Contact us and let us know what you need.just-a
  2. If you already have a draft of a news release, we’ll review it to make sure it’s of journalistic quality and style. If you need help writing the press release, that’s one of our specialties.
  3. We’ll talk about objectives, strategies and targeted audiences for your press release.
  4. Once the news release is final and approved, along with approval on timing, O’Brien Communications can send it to the right distribution list.  We’ll follow up and conduct media outreach as appropriate.
Not yet sure if your announcement is newsworthy? No problem. Call us and we’ll be glad to have a candid conversation about whether or how to share your news with the world with our special Just a Press Release service!