I Couldn’t Believe How Easy it is to Repurpose Content

For the longest time, I cut my own grass, and I hated it. Then one day I decided to pay a neighborhood kid to cut the grass, and the sense of freedom was unbelievable. I had more time and less work. But maybe the best thing was that no matter how busy I was as work, I didn’t have that grass-cutting chore hanging over my head every week. I knew I could drive up to the house consistently and see a freshly cut lawn.

That’s kind of how I felt when I discovered Rev.com.

One of the biggest challenges for short-staffed communications teams and organizations is putting out content on multiple platforms without having to “reinvent the wheel.”

That podcast can be a blog post if only you had time to transcribe it. Or, that YouTube video would be a great eNewsletter article if you could complete a transcription.

Budget is then a key issue. Do you have time to pay someone like a freelancer or a virtual assistant to transcribe the content?

The good news is that transcriptions are much more affordable and accurate than you may realize.

My go-to transcription tool is Rev.com.

For a fraction of what I would pay a freelancer, I can get a solid first-draft of text that is pulled directly from audio of a conference call, a Zoom call, a podcast or a video. It’s easily formatted into a Word file, and from there I can customize, edit, proof and quickly prepare it for repurposing.

And the best thing is I don’t have to wait. I can get a reasonably sized transcript in 30 to 60 minutes right on my computer.  I had no idea that repurposing content would be so easy, and I’d be able to churn out more content at a faster pace than ever before.

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