Crisis & Issues Management

Nearly every crisis or issues management situation shares the common characteristic that an organization’s reputation is threatened to the point it could negatively affect that organization’s ability to operate. When an organization or a brand faces a situation that has the potential to cause serious harm, it must mount an effective response that is rooted in credible messages and a willingness to address the tough questions and difficult issues that may arise.

With this in mind, the general goal in crisis communications and issues management is to preserve the organization’s reputation and integrity through effective and credible communication.

O’Brien Communications has developed crisis communications and issues management plans, in addition to providing strategic and hands-on support in the full range of situations:

  • Crisis communications contingency planningshutterstock_195661250 - stocks reduced
  • Crisis communications support and implementation
  • Media spokesperson coaching and training
  • Media relations support
  • Intelligence-gathering and research
  • Customized crisis communications programs (Pre-emptive and Follow-on)

Client projects have centered on:

  • Change management
  • Negative publicity
  • Litigationshutterstock_143336302 - bankruptcy reduced
  • Product recalls
  • Environmental matters
  • Workplace issues
  • Corporate bankruptcies
  • Reductions in force
  • Brand and reputation defense
  • Executive death
  • Crises in leadership
  • Social media
  • Quarterly earnings pre-announcements
  • Real estate siting situations
  • Corporate restructurings
  • Major transactions – mergers and acquisitions

Tim, an experienced PR pro, would be glad to talk with you about any of your Crisis Communications or Issues Management concerns. Just get in touch.