Senior-level Consulting & Coaching

Clients often tap O’Brien Communications for help in the areas of corporate communications, executive communications, workplace communications and strategic planning to form the foundation of institutional brand and reputational building efforts.

We help give you the clarity and the support you need to make solid decisions and take effective action. This approach is grounded in the kind of perspective rooted in extensive experience.

At the core of this approach is to start by working to gain the best understanding into the way your organization works, your objectives and your challenges.

The following strategic planning services are built around this approach:

  • C-Suite Support and Coaching – Developing programs that support the organization’s senior leadership as it takes its message to the workforce and key external audiences.  This includes media training and coaching, whether it be a rising leader or someone who just needs a refresher.
  • General Research – Original research, which includes surveys, focus groups and one-on-one interviews.shutterstock_163423544 - white board reduced
  • Employee Research – Centers on identifying the key issues and concerns to employees and prospective employees.
  • Communications and Corporate Brand Audits – A consultative approach to conducting a holistic review of an organization’s communications output against certain perceptions, and then providing an assessment management can use in planning and future communications initiatives.
  • Communications Programming – Development of corporate communications program that advance the corporate brand and reputation.
  • News Media Strategy – Development of specific media outreach and response strategies for the organization.
  • Workplace Communication – Development and execution of initiatives that center on the organization’s important internal stakeholders.
  • Crisis Communications and Issues Management – Plans and support in planning for and responding to sensitive situations and challenges.
  • Senior Client Counsel – Provide senior level counsel on the full range of communications issues.

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