Welcome to the New Online Home of O’Brien Communications!

It’s been long overdue, but it’s finally here, the new web site.Web Site Billboard - Deep Red New and Improved

From your perspective, the main thing is that now both my blog – PR, Pure & Simple – and the O’Brien Communications site are now on one platform, making it easier to access the information you may want.

From my standpoint, this means more adequately and accurately presenting O’Brien Communications’ brand and capabilities to you.

Since I started this business in 2001, I’ve always had a web site. I initially created one on my own computer and uploaded it to a somewhat unreliable host site. That led to a couple of instances where the servers were hacked and I had to rebuild.

Thanks to the pace of client work and other demands, at one point I found I didn’t have the time to keep approaching it that way, so I moved platforms, creating a Spartan site that I thought of as a temporary online placeholder of sorts until I could get a good site up and running. “Temporary” turned into years until enough was enough. I just had to make this site a priority.

There was a silver lining of sorts for me. By the time I created this site, technologies, tools and options have improved dramatically. So what I was able to build is a “responsive” or mobile-friendly site that is very adaptable to any changes I may want to make going forward. This is important for you as well. If your site is not mobile-friendly, now would be the time to begin revisiting a revamp.

According to a report from KPCB mobile technology trends  by Mary Meeker, mobile platforms are well on their way to surpassing desktops as the means for most to access the Internet.

In addition to the blog and site sharing the same platform, navigation has improved dramatically, making it a much more user-friendly access-point for O’Brien Communications’ social media presence – LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Going forward, you will find that this site will remain fresh with new updates and other relevant information on O’Brien Communications. At the very least, what you will find here is a more substantive representation of O’Brien Communications and what it has to offer you.