Media Relations: Don’t Guarantee Specific Media Results

media relations

Let me tell you about two situations where companies wanted me to guarantee specific media results. Both were foreign-owned firms, which is relevant from a media culture perspective.

The first one was a steel service center that sold piping for industrial uses. It had approached me about possibly working with them on public relations matters in the U.S.  … Read the rest

Is Your Video Program Sustainable?

Video series

One of the more popular means for consuming information for Internet users is video, yet video remains one of the more difficult channels to sustain for organizations. Why?

It all comes down to time, money, daily disruptions and constantly changing priorities.

You can commit to a social media schedule or even a blog schedule, because staff members can create the content on a somewhat more flexible schedule.… Read the rest

Creating Personas: Know Your Targeted Audience

marketing personas

It doesn’t have to be a guessing game.

A few quick words about getting to know your targeted audience. Whether your organization has been around for a while or it’s a start-up, one of the oftentimes missed opportunities is to really dig in, identify and get to know your targeted audience or market.

In the communications business, this focus gravitates to the creation of the persona or avatar of your ideal stakeholder and targeted audience. … Read the rest

Common Podcast Launch Mistakes

Shaping Opinion Microphones

Let’s get right to it. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to launching a podcast is going out too soon.

There are a lot of platforms and technologies out there that can make it so easy to create and launch that first episode that you could easily skip all of the most important steps that go into launching a successful podcast.… Read the rest

Podcasting Myth: You Don’t Need to Edit

podcast coach

One of the more hotly contested issues among some podcasters is whether or not you need to edit your podcast. I’m going to weigh in quite strongly, but before I do, I must point to the exception.

If your podcast is a combination of video and audio formats, editing can be quite a challenge and may limit what you can do in terms of practical editing.Read the rest

Taking Your Podcast to the Next Level Starts with Content

podcast coach

One of the most important steps toward taking a podcast to the next level is also one of the most commonly skipped steps. There may be many reasons for this, from not wanting to confront limitations, to the fact that there are so many different types of podcasts and podcasters, so there isn’t one standard. But if I had to guess, I’d say the leading one is that this step is not so simple or easy.… Read the rest

Media Relations: Tell Us What We Don’t Know

media relations

As a blogger, a contributor to business and trade media, and as a podcaster, I get my share of pitches from fellow PR professionals. One of the things I notice quite often is how the pitches usually center on assumptions, ‘revelations,’ or other news hooks that are all about things we already know.

A new study finds that consumers avoid higher prices and go for discounts.… Read the rest